Behind the Seams – Breaking Down The Foundation | What Lies Beneath

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We all love the allure of slipping on a beautiful dress and a pair of high heels preferably Azzedine Alaia, Giuseppie Zanotti or Charlotte Olympia (if you are asking me) and having  the latest trendy designer handbag effortlessly draped  on our arm. Sometimes this fantasy of being the “it girl” is dead on arrival as soon as those sneaky body issues start to creep malignantly into our psyche and we are kindly reminded that we are imperfect “real women” and not Victoria’s Secret Angels.  We all have fallen victim, to that inner voice as it echoes… what about my arms, my back fat, my cellulite… and the list is never ending.  Oftentimes we forget that in addition to a healthy diet and exercise we have control over some of  these preconceived issues that our lovely society deems as “flaws”.

In a time before juice fast, plastic surgeons on speed dials, and cardio barre studios our sexy style mavens relied on undergarments to achieve the desired silhouette of their era. The most  important contributor to our overall appearance is our foundation.  Our undergarments act as primer does too make-up they help conceal unsightly back fat bulges, an that overindulgence in pasta over the weekend that left a little too much hang over around the waist and help support our breast and buttocks.

Wait a moment before you run and grab your Spanx, although we all heart Sara Blakely revolutionary derriere lifter and cellulite smoother, but let’s start at the top.  Many women don’t realize that they are wearing the wrong cup and band size, which in turn can create a lot of our body concerns such as side boob exposure, back fat and worst of all the uni- boob invasion.

I am sure that we all can relate to experiences of less than stellar upper body control at times. I am an ample breast girl that has become some what a connoisseur on the subject matter due to both my personal and professional experiences. The first step in having the right underpinnings is the correct bra size, you should get measured at least once a year by a bra fitting professional as weight fluctuations effect size. I decided not to share with you the distinction between cup and band ratios as it’s pointless until you have a proper bra fitting. I always suggest bringing a white tank top into the fitting room with you and trying on several different styles, colors and brands prior to heading to the cash register. The options are plentiful and should be comfortable in fit and form – from underwire, soft cup to moulded styles- their are a lot of options to properly support your breast.

I love all of the brands listed below, but personally and professionally find myself most loyal to Freya and Panache because of fit and size ranges (both of these brands also manufacture bikinis tops by cup sizes). Their soft moulded demi cup bras in nude and black are essentials and will last for 6 months with proper care.   One of the many perks of wearing the correct bra size is you will instantly look 10 – 15 lbs slimmer without the tummy tuck post op recovery.  Now, leave the body issues at home as we approach this Memorial Day holiday weekend and slip on those little white dresses with a lifted spirit and “it girl” swag. If you have any undergarment questions please feel free to kindly comment below.

828 Lexington Avenue
Between 63th & 64th streets
New York, NY 10065
1105 Montana Ave 
Santa Monica, California 90403 
2131 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
4266 Oak Lawn Ave.
Dallas, TX 75219
3500 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30326

One thought on “Behind the Seams – Breaking Down The Foundation | What Lies Beneath

  1. Thanks for sharing my shop! I have another (bigger) store at 552 Third Ave in NYC! I love helping women find the perfect bra – it’s a real passion of mine and I’ve been doing it for over 25 years! xo Linda the Bra Lady

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